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Stylish Custom Bathrooms in Geelong/Surf Coast


Over 30 years of experience in the tiling and bathroom renovation business. Ben is a registered building practitioner/(registered builder). Registration #DB-U-8347. 

Ben's Bathrooms are master builders #9933.

Please note: A  master  builder is a registered building practitioner with job insurance and a guarantee for you. A  member only  of the Master Builders Association may not necessarily meet the requirements essential to  you . At Bens Bathrooms, we guarantee to supply you with a professional bathroom installation, backed up with a building contract, job specific insurance, and electrical/plumbing compliance certificates on completion of your renovation.

We provide free “in house” quotations and are more than happy to pass on contact details of some previous customers for character/workmanship references. We also provide you with our major suppliers details for reference purposes on our links/suppliers page -  click here to see .

Please note: It is your right as a consumer to ask any potential renovator you may be considering to employ:

  • Are you a registered building practitioner?
  •  Can I see your registration card please?
At Ben's Bathrooms, we are happy to oblige with these simple requests. 

A typical installation procedure:

Care is taken to cover over all carpet or other floor coverings that are to be walked over during the project, insuring that your home is treated with care. 

All debris is removed throughout the renovation. 

We structure your new bathroom to suit a modest budget in most cases or if you wish to seek out more unique fittings we can accommodate these requirements also. 

You do not have to run around choosing fittings if you do not wish to; we can do it all for you.

Our clients’ projects are accompanied by a written contract if applicable and a builder’s warranty insurance certificate is issued if the project exceeds $16,000.

This proves to be your guarantee that your satisfaction will be achieved at the end of the project and for the duration of your warranty. 

In most cases, a building permit is not required if the work is not structural.

We supply and organize our team of fully licensed professional tradesman under our supervision. (All Trades)

We can re-design your new bathroom layout for you, or re-fit new fittings in the existing positions (this usually is the cheapest way for most people).

During a quote session with Ben, we will discuss the most practical layout for your bathroom, utilising space, light and ventilation, where to find the best bathroom fittings at the most realistic prices and with the best customer service. 

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Are you looking for stylish custom bathrooms in Geelong/Surf Coast areas? Call 0408 593 731 today for a free in-home quote.

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